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Could you add Soomla to your list of services? Or, how would I go about adding this on my own?

I used Soomla to do In-app billing for my IPhone game, but it is not in the list of services. I would appreciate it if someone added it to the services list or told me how I could do it myself. Thanks.
  • Hi Gregory, We might think about adding Soomla, but it might take a while. We are talking about this: , correct? Is Soomla working as a payment gateway itself? To add it yourself, you'll do it via a custom service as follows: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Hope this helps? Simon
  • Simon, Yes, that is what I was talking about. I'll look into if Soomla is working as a payment gateway itself. Thank you for your time. Regards, Gregory Hutchins
  • Simon, I believe Apple actually handles the payments through their StoreKit API. If I added the "selling goods and services online" service to my privacy policy, do I need to add anything else about in-app purchases? Please let me know. Thanks, Gregory Hutchins
  • Alright Gregory, I would suggest you use "Selling good and services online" and then in a second custom clause write some wording about Soomla. Write about what they do for you and that they - in collaboration with Apple - handle the payments. I'd link to both of these companies' privacy policies, Apple and Soomla. Hope this helps, Best regards Simon
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