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Hi Stefan, we like Coinbase - but have had no requests for its integration so far. Do you have more information about this widget and the cookies installed? Best regards, Simon
  • Hello and thanks for the reply. Also, sorry for the delayed response. I've been on the road for the past days. Sure. On my blog I have a donate page where I accept donations only in Bitcoin. I use Coinbase for that reason. I can see the following cookies being stored: __cfduid __ssid mp_7c112173efca4899213c618484d8f5fe_mixpanel(I guess the things after mp_ are random) 7733355d303e1ef881eb0126e81eecb7(I guess this is also random. Only appears e46db669aee386bb3f43cffff3708e24(this one as well) after I click one of the buttons) _coinbase ba df request_method This is the page from where you create buttons/links after you register: This is the corresponding doc: Thank you so much for your help. Looking forward to have Coinbase supported!
  • Just in case it might be of any help, here is the page on my blog: I have 2 buttons, 2 links and one instance of their script. Thanks again!
  • HI again Stefan, same answer from previous post applies. Cheers
  • CoinBase allows for easily accepting bitcoin payments/donations on websites. They use some cookies too. Hopefully you will support this service in the near future. Thank you!
  • Sorry, Coinbase, but I just wanted to tell you that I am leaving your service for CEX.IO. Stop closing accounts as you do now
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