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Amazon Affiliates as a service?

Ok I'll make some research on this and reply as soon as possible. Thank you :)
  • Please take a look at Amazon Omakase too: It seems like it's more of an Adsense-y type thing.
  • I will be sharing certain information with through the programmatic product advertisement API for the purpose of generating targeted product links. Can Amazon be added as a service?
  • Hi Andrea, I'm interested in the topic too, have you had the possibility to research for the Amazon issue? Through my website I will be affiliate with Amazon for advertising purposes and the privacy policy has to be coherent with Amazon's they request..
  • Hi Francesco, we already added this service, double-check the services list :)
  • Thank you Andrea :)
  • Hi, i don't know if i must use amazon Omakase or not, I have a website affiliate with amazon where you find products, links and banner. I have already included the policy of Affiliate Amazon of Iubenda but i want to know if i must include also Amazon Omakase. Thanks a lot
  • i have a problem, can i get some help plz


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