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Do you have a clause for OpenTok/TokBox?

Hi Justin, hm I don't think we have a similar clause for that yet. So the users talk to each other via video chat? Can you link me to the service? What it is essentially, it's a ready made backend service that's executing parts of your application. You can find similar stuff in Hosting and Backend. I would suggest to go right ahead and add this as a custom service. I'm copy-pasting instructions here: dashboard > modify/add privacy policy > Add service > Add custom service ( )
  • Hi Simon, Here is their website . They use WebRTC as the underlying technology. This means the majority of connections are peer-to-peer. Video only goes through their servers if a peer-to-peer connection cannot be established, and in that case, it is all encrypted, so they cannot view it.
  • Hi Justin, given the "complexity" of this service (it's not complex per se, but definitely outside of our abstraction layer), it would make sense to add it as a custom service as described above. I think so far the backend purpose is the one that comes to describing the processing the closest, therefore you could take a look at the other integrations. Also the above paragraph seems to be a perfect example of what you could add in. Let me know if this helps Simon
  • We currently use OpenTok for video chat in our app. What kind of clause do we need to add for that?
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