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  • The main website to the service is They have a series of "apps" within the service that you can pick and choose from: We currently use Social Analytics, ROI Tracking, Sharing Buttons, and Purchase Sharing, but may use others moving forward. Essentially, it's a platform that tracks and encourages social interactions with ecommerce stores. Thanks for your help. Josh
  • Hi again Josh. This looks like an interesting service. However to tell you the truth I'm having a bit of an issue to make this a tight integration. The solutions span across 4-5 categories and purposes in which case I'd have to break it up into various integrations, which in turn would take quite a while. Potentially the best way forward I can show you is for you to make a custom integration and describe which services by Addshoppers you use and what they do for you/with your users' personal data. This is how you do this modify/add privacy policy > Add service > Add custom service ( ) Let me know what you think and if there's anything else I can do for you. Simon
  • We use a service called AddShoppers, which is similar to AddThis and ShareThis, but with an ecommerce focus. Can this be added as a service?
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