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New service provider 'Flox' ? (pro customers)

Hi Marcus, That's good. You should also consider adding their privacy policy so users can check it out right away. That's how we do it. I'll also be looking at integrating this down the road but it may well take a little bit of time. Hope this helps?
  • Privacy service provider "Flox" Will you be adding support for Flox in the near future? In the meantime, as a pro customer. I have added the following text as a custom service (in our generated policy) Views? Summary: Flox is used to report; 'Anonymous Analytics' - The only geographic data Flox collects is the country of the user. - Flox does NOT track gender, age,or other personal data - Flox does not use any device identifiers. Instead, it users "installationID" that's totally random and anonymous and is lost when you delete the app. 'Infrastructure monitoring' Flox can monitor application performances issues (e.g. crashes) Information taken from Flox owners forum post
  • Hi Marcus, I've set it up as simple hosted backend service. Take a look and let me know what you think. Best regards, Simon
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