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  • Hi there David, I'm a bit worried about integration here, what's the latest about Firebase's support into the future? In any case, you can integrate it right away with a "custom service" where you basically fill in the info. > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Hope this helps, let me know your thoughts
  • Firebase was recently purchased by Google. I dont think they are going away :D
  • Yes David, so here is the thing, that's exactly what's the problem people have been saying it may be going away. Anyways maybe it's not true. I'm adding both services to our integration queue and will update here once they're live, but please allow for it to take a good while. The above integration method is the fastest way to get it done! Let me know if you have any questions regarding it Simon
  • Dear Simon, OK I have added as a custom service. Is there a way of being informed if and when you add it because I need the translations :D Thanks for the fast response! Regards David
  • Yes of course, as soon as I'll put them online, I'll let you know in here. :)
  • David, both Firebases are finally ready. Let me know if you have any questions. Simon
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