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eWAY & Xero - to be added to services category?

Hi Sabine, this is usually how we do it, yes. As soon as there is data shared between you and a third party, we suggest a disclosure of that fact. You can do that via a custom service as outlined here: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) I will update this thread with more information if we make an integration, but this will take a good while. Hope this helps? Simon
  • Sabine, eWAY is ready for you within iubenda. Let me know if you have any questions. Best Simon
  • Hi, eway is a payment gateway/merchant facility and xero is an accounting software and I was wondering if this should be included in my privacy policy (as data will be collected / shared)? I use infustionsoft as my shopping cart and have added this service already to my list. Thanks for letting me know.
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