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Various Wordpress Plugins

Hi Nicholas, Thanks for posting in here, I know you went via our support first. Please allow for a while for me to get back to you until I can take a closer look. Usually plugins aren't that relevant since they don't go via third party. Then in case of a contact form plugin for example, you'll just add "contact form". Best, Simon
  • Hi Simon, No problem, I know it's not a simple task figuring out how things work...main reason why I came to iubenda haha I was able to find out that the Wordpress Poll Widget uses cookies and IP address tracking in order to prevent the same person from answering over and over. Thank you very much for all your help! Nicholas
  • No problem Nicholas, again, please bear with us until this thing gets the necessary time slot. :) Simon
  • Hi Simon, No problem, I understand these things take time. :) I've been contacting a lawyer regarding my website overall and she's had concerns regarding certain aspects. In particular because I am using many plugins and 3rd party software I don't have direct access to information collected by those services (at least I don't think I do). So from this I have a few questions: 1) What do I do if I don't know how or what information is being collected exactly? Should I contact every software developer and find out exactly? 2) If they have a privacy policy/terms of use can I just refer to that on my website or do I need to reiterate everything explicitly? I hope those questions aren't too time consuming to answer, my apologies if they are. Thank you very much for your help! Nicholas
  • Hi Nicholas, Don't worry about it. Your request/email is still in my inbox as a task... Here's the thing, it's hard to give definitive answers imo without knowing all the details. 1) Generally if you share your users data you need their informed consent or a regulation that allows the particular form of sharing. Therefore sharing is always to be handled cautiously. If this data goes from a European country to another one, you're data can be considered safer than for example, the States. If you want to go by the book, there may be certain cases therefore, in which you would do individual data processing contracts with third parties. I'm willing to wager that a very selected few do this. 2) We usually explain what the service is about (purpose), what kind of data they process (if we can find out), where they are based and we link to their privacy policy so the users can find out more and make an informed decision. Hope this helps...
  • Hi Simon, Yep that helps! Thanks for all your help! Nicholas
  • Hello, I'm using the following plugins on my wordpress website and I'm thinking that I need clauses for them but I don't know what to add as they would be custom ones. I'm also not too computer literate so I don't know exactly what they are doing in the background. :( - Wordpress poll widget ( ) - Ad block detector plugin ( ) - Click-fraud monitoring plugin ( ) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!
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