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Startapp ad network service is not listed

Hi Surya, I'm considering to add this, but you'll have to be patient because our documents are in freeze right now because we're translating. You can add it yourself like this > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) If I'll add this anytime soon, I will let you know in here. Does this help?
  • Yes, it is help. I will wait. Hope you can add it as soon as posibble. Thank you, Surya Wono
  • Hi Surya, You can do that, no problem. I'm confident that it will be integrated at some point down the road but you will have to be patient. Best regards, Simon
  • I'm using startapp ad network service, i want to create this policy but not listed. Can u list it for me?
  • Surya, we've added StartApp, Hope this helps. Simon
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