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Shopify payment integration support requested

Hi Cheryl, We're actually working on an integration as we speak. I'll update as we publish in here. Best, Simon
  • I need this too. What is the current status? Thanks
  • Hi Tredoni Admin, Cheryl, We've put Shopify on the backburner since it requires rewriting in 6 languages. I promise it will be in the next integration sprint. Feel free to attempt your own integration by > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Best, Simon
  • Please note that Shopify is no just a payment provider, but a full-fledged ecommerce system – that means they store all the user's data on their servers!
  • Hi Janne, thanks for the thought. We're aware of it, which is just one of the reasons why we're taking ages with an integration. Best, Simon
  • Btw when you open a shop and configure Checkout settings, there is a button to generate example privacy policy – it would be a good starting point for making the privacy policy for Shopify platform.
  • Yes, thanks for the information, Janne. :)
  • Hi, I'm using Shopify for payment integration. Can you add support for Shopify? Thanks, Cheryl
  • Hi Simon, Any updates on the Shopify integration?
  • Hello,

    I was also going to ask for Shopify, but I have seen that it is already added.

    Update has been made on
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