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Collecting Consumer Reports and Other Non-Public Decisioning Data

Hi, first of all I apologize for the delay of my answer. Due to the imminent entry into force of the European cookie law, in fact, we have received a huge number of requests - by mail and on all our other channels - that did not allow us to manage in time all requests. Anyway, may I still help you or have you just find the answers you were looking for? Let me know where I can help and do not hesitate to contact us for any further question or doubt. :) Kind regards, Fabio
  • What about consumer reporting services? For example, if a SaaS platform were to aggregate consumer reporting data from a number of sources and provide a summary to its SMB clients about their prospective individual consumers for one-time, non-transferrable use in determining whether to engage in business with that consumer. Obviously the client is legally obligated to use the reports in accordance with laws and regulations, like the FCRA. The Terms of Use would indicate that the client is specifically not allowed to copy, retain, share or sell it. How would something like this fit in?
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