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Two services I am using on my website that are not on the list are Google Translate and LeadOutcome. Can I get them added?

Hi Larry, I'll add it to the list internally. Can you explain how you are using Google Translate in your site/app?
  • I have a landing page to sell catering services for a Mexican restaurant. We use Google translate to provide the option of translation to Spanish and back to English for the entire page.
  • You can see the functionality at . Larry
  • Hi Larry, I understand. It's on the list, but it may take a while before we take the plunge. Therefore adding a custom clause outlining these additional services will be the simplest course of action: > Edit/Add privacy policy > "Add service" > "Create custom service" Hope this helps?
  • Please add Google Translate and Leadoutcome to the list of services. I am surprised to not find Google Translate and LeadOutcome is an up and coming Auto-responder like aWeber and Constant Contact.
  • Hi Larry, support for LeadOutcome has now officially been added. You can find it in your privacy policies settings / "add service". Hope this helps
  • Thanks, I found it and clicked on Leadoutcome,, went to the bottom and clicked on Save and Close but nothing happens; window is still open on the same screen. See this jing video:
  • Hi Larry, does iubenda always look to you like this? That's not what it's supposed to look like. Here's a screenshot of how the "add service" modal looks like:
  • Yes, on my system.
  • Hi Larry, it's me again with a little delay. Is it still behaving the same way? Your video hints at you missing both our CSS and Javascript files. Could you try resetting/Clearing your cache and then reload the site? Hope this helps Simon
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