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Access to eBay account

Hi Yury, I saw you on the caht earlier. Can you please link me to the exact functionality you are using? Is it a OAuth solution provided by eBay?
  • Yes. We use OAuth authentication to eBay. We get notification about customer purchases and watch list. Get information about this items and publish them to social networks, connected to user account. You can see this functionality on
  • Thanks Yury, if you link me to eBay's documentation you'll help me minimize mistakes and misunderstandings. Thanks :)
  • We mostly use And standart oAuth plugin We store token and other profile information about user of eBay and Facebook to access as user to this services. We do not any bids or sales or money transactions as user. Just information about purchases and watch lists.
  • Ok Yury, thanks for the clarifications. This isn't high on the priority list, but it may make it into production at some point forward. I saw that you've already started to disclose it as a custom clause, which is good.
  • I want to add access to eBay service in my Privacy Policy, but can't find them in your services collection. Please, if it possible, add them. Thanks.
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