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Parse as a service?

Hi Enrique, Parse is on our list, but since they're offering a host of services they're a little more complicated to solve as an integration. Anyways, I'll keep you posted on this. In the meantime use a custom clause! > Edit/Add privacy policy > "Add service" > "Create custom service" Hope this helps?
  • Enrique, Parse Analytics has been added (rather than the whole suite of apps they offer). Enjoy!
  • What should a custom clause for Parse (Core Service) include?
  • And do you have any idea how long it might take until the Parse (Core Service) is supported? Because I'm currently building an App which includes Parse Datastorage for which I would need a Privacy Policy very soon.
  • Here I am again. Sorry for the double-posting. I don't have a good enough understanding about it's inner workings as of now to be honest. The important part would be to explain what it does for you, its name, where the company is based (and data is transferred to) as well as a link to their privacy practices.
  • Hi Simon, thanks for your answer. So after explaining the service it would be sufficient to write something like: "by proceeding, you also agree to Parse's Privacy Policy ( )." at the login screen, without going into details by myself?
  • Hi Steffen, No, I'd make it part of your privacy policy. Make it an entire section. This is how it will display in the policy: and
  • Guys, A first version for Parse Core & Push has been officially added. It's possible that the clause will get other updates. You'll find it in > your privacy policy > add service Best regards, Simon
  • They have Analytics, etc. I wish to add these to my App's Privacy Policy rather than Direct Analytics, etc.
  • The service has been implemented, for further comments or inquiries kindly visit: