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Policy for highscores

Hi Lars, thanks for writing. You must definitely insert Scoreoid in your privacy policy, but since the service seems to just be a backend tool and not a third party service the users are subscribing to, you should be safe with the privacy policy addition and nothing else. As of the actual addition, I suggest you to use our "Create custom service" button to add a few lines where you explain that your leaderboards are powered by Scoreoid, with a link to their privacy policy. As of covering all the apps developed by your studio, you might also want to check our monthly pricing for multiple licenses: Andrea
  • Thanks a lot Andrea, we will do that ! Lars
  • We are a small Indie Game Studio based in Germany and would like to add a leaderboard to our game. We intend to use a whitelabeled service ( ) but are not sure if we will have to ask the user for his/her permission to submit the highscore. The service will collect the players name (nickname or realname depending on what he enters) and a highscore (which will be freely available in the highscore list). Is there a possibility for something like this in your policy generator ?
  • Hi Lars, Scoreoid has now been officially added to the list of supported services. You'll find it in > your privacy policy > add service Best regards, Simon
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