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Can you add Marketo application to "managing email addresses..." / email provider service

Hi Janet, It's in our upcoming services pipeline, I'll let you know in here when we're done. In the meantime why don't you add a custom service for it? > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service Hope this helps
  • Hey Janet, I'm finalizing the integration stages on this one. Would you mind telling me which features you were expecting? In other words which features are you using? The reason for it taking this long is that we've put it in the same basket as Hubspot. The integration is particularly complicated because these services span almost the whole spectrum of online marketing activities. Thank you, Simon
  • Hi there, figured I'd let you know that we've added -Marketo Lead Generation -Marketo Email Marketing Let me know if there's anything on your mind. Simon
  • We use Marketo and need to add it to the policy.
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