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I am a affiliate. Would you please add that to your list? :) Thank you! is like commission junction. I would love to see you add it to your list. Thank you!
  • Hi Susie, I'm adding this to our list. Please be patient, this could take a bit for us to implement. You can add it as a custom clause however in the meantime. > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) I'll update this post to let you know when it's integrated.
  • Would be nice to see this. Linkshare is a big one. So is eBay Affiliates and Avantlink.
  • Hi Mark, services noted.
  • This question is marked as "completed" but it's not on the list yet. Do they add it each time again for a new request?
  • Hi, I inform you that the service "LinkShare" has been correctly integrated in our generator. You can find it in the "add service" section. Best, Jacopo iubenda
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