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addthis as a service

AddThis and ShareThis are a little tricky since they embed other third party services, and we've been thinking for a while about how to handle this trickiness, but the solution has not been published yet. About cloudflare, sure thing, it will be part of the next batch of services.
  • Thanks for listening
  • Ciao Andrea, I second Cloudflare - I can't use this until it's included. Is there any way to get notified? For addthis we just coded it so that they don't use cookies on our site - the easiest solution I think, though they were silent on tracking IP etc. Can you please also include Piwik, which is a first party open source analytics that's very common - we switched to it from GA a few months back to get EU compliant, and we need to include their cookies in our policy to be ICO compliant. Grazie mille! Alex
  • You could include AddThis in the services they also have an analytics option. Thinking about it the CDN service also tracks website traffic as part of its threat control system where is can block known bad ip addresses
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