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  • Hi Guido, thanks for your suggestion and for the link, our team will consider if adding the requested service in our generator. Do you have any further information on how you are using these tools? If you are able to write an accurate description of this service, then I would suggest you add it as a custom addition to the privacy policy using a custom service: Visit your dashboard: Click on your privacy policy (or add a new policy) Click on Add service Click on Create custom service More information about custom services can be found here: I will update this thread with more information as I have it. Hope this helps! Best, Jacopo
  • Hello Jacopo, OneSignal is a push notification service. These kind of services collect data of user devices and should be very similar to the current "Parse Core & Push". Unfortunately I don't know very much about the information usage of the provider, I can only read this on the website: "We make money by using the data we aggregate to improve web and mobile experiences. We also offer custom solutions to enterprise clients."
  • please add OneSignal service for privacy policy
  • Please add onesignal
  • OneSignal is an alternative push notifications service. Parse is closing and people is looking for alternatives: OneSignal is one. I checked in my privacy policy if I could replace Parse Push with OneSignal, but it is missing!
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  • Salve, sono a chiedere se vi sono novità in merito all'integrazione della policy riguardo OneSignal. Grazie. (
  • Here's a quick update: we're close to getting this integration ready for you. We'll update when all the translations are ready.
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