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Google Cloud Platform

Love your service! I see you cover “Google App Engine” (GAE) in your clauses. That’s great. In most cases though, the data processor is “Google Cloud Platform” (GCP) as well as that includes the database services etc. I’m not sure if this makes any legal difference or if listing GAE is sufficient but you may be interested in looking into it this you get a chance since GAE/GCP are an extremely common combination.
  • Hi Jacopo, Some more info that may help you: All of Google’s service descriptions can be found here: “Google Cloud Storage” is just the object storage service. Most companies use “Google Compute Engine”, “Google Cloud SQL” and other services. As far as I understand, they are all under the same privacy terms. So, this should be an easy fix. I suggest you just add “Google Cloud Platform” to your services. Because that is the name of the services suite that contains all the other services. Thanks!
  • Hi Jacopo, Another rather important comment regarding the Google Services: We added Firebase, Google App Engine and Google Cloud Storage (should be "Google Cloud Platform") in our policy. For all these services, it says: "Place of processing: US" That is not correct. Our instances run on servers in Europe ( I assume this is relevant. Or doesn’t “place of processing” refer to the actual physical place where the data reside? I don’t see a way of customising the place of processing in the policy. Could you kindly advise how to handle this? Thanks!
  • Hi Ben, Thanks for the additional info you provided us. We are looking into it to see what changes can be made. Since you’re well versed in the service, you could manually integrate this clause into your Privacy policy in the meantime. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information or assistance. Best, Jacopo iubenda
  • Buongiorno Jacopo, la nostra agenzia di marketing utilizza moltissimi servizi di GCP (ormai al pari di AWS come PaaS) per hostare i propri siti e sopratutto i servizi, tra quelli elencati qui, dove vengono salvati i dati sensibili di utenti sono sicuramente : CLOUD SQL BigQuery CLOUD BIGTABLE Disco permanente In pratica tutti i servizi sotto Storage e Archiviazione e Big Data potrebbero contenere dati riservati. Inoltre Compute Engine viene sicuramente usato da molti devops e altri servizi gogole per veicolare e lavorare i dati nei vari storage. A mio avviso vi basterebbe replicare le opzioni per il servizio di Google Cloud Storage per i DBs e Google App Engine per quanto riguarda Google Compute Engine. Attualmente abbiamo 43 policy attive e senza questi servizi sono tutte incomplete. Farle tutte a mano sarebbe un lavoro enorme. Se avete bisogno di aiuto nel comprendere rapidamente le caratteristiche siamo a disposizione.
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