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Smugmug is basically a webhost offering us photographers an easy way to create websites (with templates) and sell images from said websites. The selling process (collecting the money, sending out the printed images, ordering the images from a vendor of our choice...) is completely in the hands of Smugmug. Their own privacy policy is found here: I can get see the shipping and billing address of the person ordering a print but I cannot delete that information myself. I can add users to my website to give them private access by inviting them and will then get their emails as user names so that I can allow these specific persons access to specific galleries. These rights I am able to revoke. There is a visitor tracking feature available, but I as the website owner cannot see from which IP the visitor came, I can only see which galleries/images have been visited in a given time frame and how often they have been visited. Guestbooks and comments are possible, but demand login via google or facebook. I can see the name of who has made the comment, but as far as I can see I don't get their login information. Hope this helps you adding smugmug to your list of services, which would indeed be incredible helpful :)
  • they have buyed Flickr from oath/yahoo inc. so maybe do you can check how to add this sharing buttom and widget? So it is needed both privacy policy Smugmug and Flickr do it is possible to add both? Smugmug ha acquistato flickr da Oath/yahoo inc. potreste controllare e aggiungere il bottone di condivisione e il widget come servizio di privacy policy, sia di Smugmug e di Flickr?
  • the link to add flickr service is here. cause it now an smugmug property
  • used for my photography business. Unlimited photo storage for personal and business use, photo printing and sharing.
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