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Please add "Photon Networking" to your generator.

Hi Keemian, I've made a basic integration that should help you with getting started. It can be found in your privacy policy/dashboard for services. The only thing to further look at though is that the most accurate data type I've been able to connect with it is: various types of data. That means that if you want to be more accurate, you should still add a custom service and then outline the data shared. I hope this helps. Best, Simon of iubenda p.s. this is only the Photon Cloud version of their offering, since when it's sitting on your own servers it looks like it's less relevant. Also, I'm aware that their headquarters are in Germany, BUT the only terms to be found anywhere connected to the offering point to the Inc., which is located in the States.
  • I would really appreciate if you would add Photon Networking to your services. Its the most common multiplayer service of Unity. I use "PUN", its one part of Photon Networking and means Photon Unity Networking. It is used as an add-on in Unity. The Photon server dont collect data but the can buffer it as long as Player are connected. It is mainly peer to peer based. Here are Photons terms of use: Thanks in advance, Lennart Finke
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