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Currently there are many hosting platforms in the "Services" such as Linode etc. however, I would love to see Cloudways added, as I use cloudways as a managed hosting platform for my clients and although Cloudways lets you choose one of their partners to host your site on, Cloudways still has access to your servers and so this must affect the privacy policy.

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  • Any news on the policies of this hosting?

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  • Hello Tommaso, 

    Thank you for your message. This is indeed an interesting service, which we will look into adding to our generator.

    Any further developments will be noted in this thread.

    Kind regards, 



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  • Hi,

    When are you planning to add Cloudways. 

    Please add it soon, it is a popular hosting company.



  • It has been 3 years since an integration with Cloudways was requested. Is this going to happen?

  • +1
  • Any Update related to Cloudways? I'm curious about it. I think it would be great step the addition of Cloudways .

  • I'm waiting for response to know about update of Cloudways . 

  • I'm curious about the policies related to hosting .

  • Any news related to hosting ?

  • +1

  • Absolutely Cloudways is best hosting one because I'm using it for one of my site it was working fine that's why I'm curious about it.

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