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Add "The Moneytizer" adv service

Hi! I'd like to suggest you to add this service in the Advertising category: The Moneytizer ( It would be very useful. Thank you.

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  • +1. I need the same service.

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  • I need the same service too!!!

  • Is this forum useful or not? Because I see this request of 2 years ago and the service is still not on the list.

    The same, I ask for another option, and nothing. 

  • Hello all, 

    Please excuse us for the delay, due to the reorganisation of our support forum. We will happily look into adding The Moneytizer to our generator.

    In the meantime, it is always possible to add a custom clause by taking the following steps: 

    - visit your dashboard (,

    - visit your privacy policy, 

    - "Add service" and "Create custom service".

    For more information, please see our help post:

    I will note any further developments in this thread.

    Kind regards, 



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