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Add Users/Role Creation on Iubenda Dashboard

Hi Dynamo Productions, thank you for your deeply valued feedback and sorry for the very late reply. We are currently underway and busy launching the cookie solution in Italy and therefore under heavy load. We've had requests like this before and it's surely going to find it's way into the production part of iubenda at some point. Just watch the newsletter or any other communication we send out. Hope this helps, best regards Simon
  • As a web agency i have some Iubenda licenses that i bought for my clients. Because of this, I am configuring their policy, being in some ways responsible if i configure them badly. (and anyway i am not a lawyer). If i could add users to my account with a profile of 'customer' and if i could give a 'customer' the rights to configure his policy: 1) I still will be able to buy iubenda licences in bulk for my clients 2) I will tell them to configure themselves the policy, without being responsible for wrongly configured policy (example: forgetting a cookie)
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