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Copy an existing policy

Hi James, I feel your pain and you're exactly right about it. We've not built out the function to do this yet, but it is on the roadmap. Therefore the easiest way is to just copy paste the services and add them from the "add service" interface again. It's fast, but obvioulsy a one button solution would be simpler for you as our user. Let me know if that helps or if there's anything else on your mind, Simon
  • Thanks Simon. I ended up just going through the list again and adding the services manually - not a huge time sink but obviously the one-click solution will help. Cheers, James
  • Agreed I would want this too
  • I have created a policy for a client's app (let's call it "app A"). I've now created a second app ("App B") for a similar client and use the same code so I need a similar privacy policy. I'd like to be able to clone app A and change the title etc. to save time. I'm not looking to save money, just a bit of hassle. Apologies if I've missed how to do this (I did look around your help articles and Google). Thanks, James