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iubenda on mobile apps and TestflightApp service

We are already working on a version of iubenda dedicated to mobile apps, so thank you for the help coming from you feedback. The first step in this direction was to make our privacy policy responsive. If you click on the 'privacy policy' link on a mobile-optimized website (or get sure to have zoomed to 1:1), the policy will fit perfectly with the screen. The point with providing a full featured product for mobile is the integration with the app's code. The options are mainly two: - Embed the policy as a web view - Provide a code snippet for the most common platforms (XCode, Appcelerator Titanium) What's your opinion? P.S. Ok for Testflight, added to our list of services coming in the near future :)
  • the original question was adding mobile apps as service like facebook apps as service, not about how to view privacy policy on mobile
  • Ok, and how would you embed the policy into your mobile app?
  • We'd like to use iubenda for the privacy policy of our mobile application, but currently the services are optimized for websites. Adding TestflightApp for analytics would help us. TestFlight recently added Testflight Live as a feature for those who leave the tracking enabled when in production. It gives real-time insight in the usage of the app.
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