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Anonymizing Data and Use after that?

Hi Thomas, We do have a terms & conditions service running, but not in the fully automated fashion that the privacy policy generator is. It's a more hands on assistance package that includes both the pp and terms with a local lawyer (in your case probably Germany). You're right we currently don't have a clause like that ready and I don't have an exact answer for you regarding your question, unfortunately. If you want to talk about our premium service that would approach that problem I'd be happy to do that at simon at Hope this helps a bit, Simon
  • I am new to privacy policies and Term of Services. First I'd like to say I am glad to hear you working on a ToS Service as well. For a while now I am developing an application that is going to use a users location and is even going to gather this location from time to time in the background (to provide a feature) and send all of these information, as well as some other sensors information to be stored on my server. After some weeks I'd like to anonymize these information, but still keep them. Am I allowed to do that? What happens to these anoymized data if a user wants me to delete all information collected from him? Am I maybe even allowed to use these anonymized data in any way I'd like to now? So am I free to use them for another app of mine if meaningful or even give them away, as long as stated in the privacy policy that I am going to do so? Last but not least, is there a service existing for this kind of scenario currently, or would I need to write something on my own if the above is allowed?
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