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Can't integrate Cookie Policy seamlessly within own website

Hi Neil, you'll soon be able to input a custom URL for the privacy policy link as one of the parameters sent to our API. We don't have an ETA yet, but it should be a few more weeks at most.
  • Will there be any easy way to let the Cookie Policy page adopt our website's styles similar to Privacy Policy..?
  • Is there any update on this please, specifically a time frame for release..?
  • I've integrated the Privacy Policy into our website seamlessly, it's in the footer of all pages and launches in its own page from our site with a url on our site. Styles follow the rest of the site and the Privacy Policy looks to be just another page. This has been working well for some time. We use this url within our apps for users to land directly on the page. You've added the Cookie Policy as a section within the Privacy Policy that when clicked takes the user to a page and url clearly hosted by you. With some work I might be able to style the page to make it look like one of ours but I can't think of a way of making this a page within our website similar to the Privacy Policy. I'd like to be able to put the link of the Cookie Policy inside our apps, letting the user land directly on the page, but from there continue to the rest of our website seamlessly. I reported this and was told it was a bug and should not operate this way. Can you advise what changes are planned and when please.
  • Has there been any review of this request..? The privacy policy is embedded within our site with our own styles and works well but the cookie policy link loads an iubenda page that does not follow our site styles or naming. Is there any way I can embedd this within our site and force it to adopt our sites styles..?
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