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Update Payment

Hi and thanks for your feedback; refactoring billing and payments is a large feature we're working on right now; we'll probably release everything in 4 weeks or so and updating payment details is going to be possible : ) Best, iubenda
  • Great. Hopefully there'll be some more payment options too.
  • Yes, we're integrating with Braintree to allow you to: - Pay via credit card - Authorize a PayPal account the first time and check out without visiting the PayPal site again Plus many other things (better plan switching, yearly billing for our multi-license plans, et al)
  • Nice, I'm looking forward to using it all.
  • What a terrible way to update your payment details!!! Actually make this a user flow within the account settings!!!!!!
  • Hi, I tried to update our credit card for the payment, but always failed after Verifying the Payment Method, though all the keyed info is correct. Could anyone provide any suggestions? 


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