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First creation date of the privacy policy

We are working on a feature to allow volume plan users to understand when they have created each privacy policy in their iubenda dashboard. This feature is useful when you use your iubenda account to generate privacy policies for your customers; the first creation date of the privacy policy can help you to bill the end customer properly. We decided to create this thread so you can contribute to our roadmap, participate in the discussions about the features you care about, or simply upvote the features you'd like to see released first. If you know other people interested in the same feature, tell them to contribute to this topic. We give priority to the most active threads.
  • It would be better to have separate fields for "company, contact person and last edit“ and especially per language.
  • aggiungere le date di scadenza alle singole licenze
  • Confermo la necessità di tracciare sia la data di generazione della policy che di scadenza della stessa. Grazie
  • confermo necessità sapere data generazione delle singole policy
  • It would come in handy, thanks!
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