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Additional features for our "Custom service"

Currently all custom services are added to the "Further Information about Personal Data" section of the privacy policy. It'd be good if custom services could be added manually to their associated categories
  • Hi Robert, sorry for the late answer and thanks for the suggestion. This feature is already in our Roadmap, we will let you know when it will be possible to add custom services to their associated categories. Best Valerio
  • We are working on additional features to improve our custom services: - Choose the custom service category (right now your custom services are all listed in a generic category called "Further information about Personal Data”). The new feature would allow you to place the custom service in a specific category, such as “Analytics", "Displaying content from external platforms" etc.; - Save a custom service in order to reuse it in other policies within the same iubenda account; - Choose if adding a custom service to the privacy policy, the cookie policy or both (right now the custom services are only added to the privacy policy); - Add some basic HTML (e.g. a link) to the custom service (right now the custom service is plain-text only) - Easy management of custom services when the policy is translated into multiple languages. We decided to create this thread so you can contribute to our roadmap, participate in the discussions about the features you care about, or simply upvote the features you'd like to see released first. If you know other people interested in the same feature, tell them to contribute to this topic. We give priority to the most active threads.
  • Option for put custom service on the right category will be appreciated. Thanks
  • Is there any update on this? The actual GDPR representatives from the custom services I've created are hassling me for them to be added to specific sections. It's over 2 years since this feature was first requested.
  • Please add also the possibility to make a multilingual description of the custom service. Now you have to make the description in every language you need in just one descpription field which does not look good since the rest of the privacy policy of a website is written in just one language per language you offer on your website. You could make it in the same way as you offer it already in your service where you enter the name of the owner of the website (when choosing different name in different languages). Thanks!
  • Any updates on this would be appreciate. Last comment seems to be 2 years ago. Would be nice to have an answer especially with GDPR. Thank you!
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