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Duplicate the policy

I'd like to be able to copy a policy for websites that have similar privacy policy needs/services.
  • Hi Hugh, unfortunately this is not allowed, and preventing it helps us keep the entry pricing so low :) Andrea
  • Sorry, I think I need to clarify... I'm suggesting that you allow us to create a new privacy policy for a new site such that the privacy policy for the new site includes the same services and custom services as the previous site. If I then need to add or delete one or two services from the new site's privacy policy, I can also do so. And of course, the new site would count as one additional license too. The reason I ask for this is that many of my sites have similar data use scenarios and it is time-consuming to create a new policy from scratch each time I add a new site. I hope this helps to clarify my suggestion.
  • Hi Hugh, this is definitely more clear. The feature is not so straightforward, but we jotted down the request :) Thanks for asking, Andrea
  • I support Hugh's request :-)
  • Just fyi, this is a legit request and has been in higher demand on the feature list. We're definitely going to build this. Best regards, enjoy your weekends, Simon
  • We are working on a feature to enable exact duplication of privacy policies in a single click for sites/apps that have the same setup (if they are within the same iubenda account). We decided to create this thread so you can contribute to our roadmap, participate in the discussions about the features you care about, or simply upvote the features you'd like to see released first. If you know other people interested in the same feature, tell them to contribute to this topic. We give priority to the most active threads.
  • Yes. Do this. It would generate a great deal of happiness.
  • yes please, that would be definitely useful!
  • This is absolutely necessary. Convenience is a HUGE plus.
  • Yes please!
  • This would be very helpful!
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