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New language request: Polish

Adding new languages is one of iubenda’s main concerns. We decide to add a new language depending on the amount of requests we receive. If you are interested in Polish, you can contribute to this topic – e.g. upvoting this request so that it can acquire higher priority. I'm going to update this thread as soon as I have more information regarding this feature. Best, Jacopo iubenda

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  • Please add Polish

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  • I would like to add polish consent.

    Can you add one too?

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  • Please add Polish, everyone is requesting about itHopefully, it will be added soon here.

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  • Yes, it should be added. Love to have the Polish. Thanks

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  • Everything is going perfectly. You are doing great job. Add Polish please. Thanks

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  • Is there any chance Polish will be added?

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  • I'm on translating policies into Polish thanks to your i18n configuration example. But it would be great if Polish language was a part of iUbenda system features.

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  • Cooki solution translation script into Polish


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  • The Simplified Privacy Policy for my company is also translated. Works fine using iUbenda script. Time to work on the Complete Privacy Policy.

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  • I need Polish translations as well as Ukrainian on my website 

    When will this be available?


  • Hi, I think all the EU languages should be all available, not related to the q.ty of demand for the specific language, but because the GDPR is European are we are Europeans. Is not so good for a European company to struggle looking for different plugins related to the country of address of the website inside the EU for a language policy issue, we can't use the plugin we like (Iubenda in this case), or we must use it with a language issuue because in this case Polish is not available and the only option is English, for our Polish langiage website.

    Russian is available but Polish not ...this is something would like to understand.

    Best regards

  • Hello everyone, 

    Find in the attachment the translations in PLN that I will upload to our website.

    You have just to swap my company info with yours.

    Hope it helps.

    (Btw, any of your advice will be most appreciated)



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