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New language request: Polish

Adding new languages is one of iubenda’s main concerns. We decide to add a new language depending on the amount of requests we receive. If you are interested in Polish, you can contribute to this topic – e.g. upvoting this request so that it can acquire higher priority. I'm going to update this thread as soon as I have more information regarding this feature. Best, Jacopo iubenda

16 people have this question
  • Please add Polish

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  • I would like to add polish consent.

    Can you add one too?

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  • Please add Polish, everyone is requesting about itHopefully, it will be added soon here.

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  • Yes, it should be added. Love to have the Polish. Thanks

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  • Everything is going perfectly. You are doing great job. Add Polish please. Thanks

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  • Is there any chance Polish will be added?

  • I'm on translating policies into Polish thanks to your i18n configuration example. But it would be great if Polish language was a part of iUbenda system features.

  • Cooki solution translation script into Polish

  • The Simplified Privacy Policy for my company is also translated. Works fine using iUbenda script. Time to work on the Complete Privacy Policy.

  • I need Polish translations as well as Ukrainian on my website 

    When will this be available?


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