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Preserving basic license when activating multi-license plan

I noticed that when a multi-license plan for the Privacy Policy is purchased, the existing basic (free) Privacy Policy is automatically converted to a PRO Policy, thus occupying one of the multi-license slots. That's really unfair. In fact, iubenda states that one basic policy is granted to each account, so when a multi-license plan is purchased, let's say a 15 license plan, we should have 15 Pro Licenses available AND that one basic license, so 15 Pro + 1 basic. Otherwise one could be forced to buy a 25 license plan even if he uses 16 policies, but only 15 are Pro and the 16th fits the basic requirements! I suggest iubenda to change this tricky and unfair rule, in order to award and not penalize those customers who choose iubenda for much more than one or two policies.
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