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Bulk Editing

The possibility to bulk edit my privacy policies, so that if I'm adding some feature to my websites I have to edit one for all. This have to include: bulk add services, and bulk delete service

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  • Hello,

    How can I enable this bulk editing in my Custom image & Video Editing  website?

    I have loot of stuff which I want to edit At a time.

  • waiting to your responce. please tell me both for mobile and PC editing ASP.

    I have lot of pending work due to this confusion.


  • Thanks In advance.

  • For the bulk edit implementation

    1. In the dashboard add a filter by product (Privacy and Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, Consent Solution), and selected services for the product

    2. Add bulk editing mode, with ability to add, edit, delete services for selected websites/apps



  • The implementation of bulk editing typically involves a combination of backend and frontend development work. Here's a simplified guide to get you started:

    Backend Implementation:

    Data Structure: Ensure that your backend database is designed to support multiple items for bulk editing. This may involve creating a table or structure that can handle a batch of images or videos.API Endpoints: Develop API endpoints that allow you to send requests for bulk editing. This could include endpoints for adding services in bulk and deleting services in bulk.

    Frontend Integration:

    User Interface (UI): Update your website's user interface to include options for bulk editing. This could be a checkbox system next to each item or a dedicated bulk editing section.Form Handling: Develop frontend forms that collect the necessary information for bulk editing, such as the list of services to add or delete.

    Request Handling:

    AJAX or Fetch Requests: Use JavaScript to send asynchronous requests to your backend API when the user initiates a bulk editing action.Processing on the Server: Implement logic on the server to handle the bulk editing requests. This may involve iterating through the selected items and applying the changes.

    Feedback and Confirmation:

    User Feedback: Provide feedback to the user on the progress of the bulk editing process. This could include success messages, error handling, and progress indicators.Confirmation: Consider implementing a confirmation step before applying changes to avoid accidental bulk edits.


    Thorough Testing: Test the bulk editing feature extensively to ensure that it works smoothly and doesn't cause unexpected issues.

    I did the same with my CapCut mod APK webiste. Remember, the specific implementation details will depend on the technologies you're using for your website (e.g., programming language, framework, database). If you have a development team or are working with developers, collaborating with them on this feature would be crucial.

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