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Add Siteground hosting service

Correct capitalization: SiteGround

8 people like this idea
  • Correct capitalization: SiteGround (I have created a custom service as a workaround.)
  • SiteGround would be great
  • Sitegroung its my hosting
  • Siteground too.
  • Please add SiteGround guys..!
  • I was just looking for that too. Adding siteground would be great
  • Please add SiteGround
  • pleaseee add siteground!
  • Sarei anch'io interessato all' hosting Siteground. Grazie
  • hosting siteground...
  • I need Siteground, Godaddy, Flame networks, Register and Netsons hosting

    1 person likes this
  • Please add SiteGround guys
  • Anche a me interessa siteground
  • Yes, add Siteground as host
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