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Customisation of Cookie Policy link within Privacy Policy

This, totally this! Just been scratching my head about why you can customise the cookie policy URL in the banner, BUT NOT in the Privacy Policy page. What gives?
  • Any progress on this?
  • Yeah, I noticed this too. There are references and link to iubenda even though I've paid to go whitelabel. Should also be able to set a custom domain for this too using CNAME. A bit misleading, and they don't even reply to emails!
  • When I embed the Privacy Policy, I simply use CSS to comment out this block. You'll need to amend this in terms of the nth-child. Not exactly a fix, but it gets rid of the problem. '#iub-pp-container #cookie_policy, #iub-pp-container > div > p:nth-child(70){ display:none; }'
  • Having a cookie link in the privacy policy that goes off site, and then having a separate cookie policy with a lot of the same information as the privacy policy is odd. If you put both on one page, you end up with duplicate sections, and two "Definitions and legal references" sections at the end of both policy's. I was going to just copy the text from my live site and add it back after editing it but you lose all the links to the third party apps and also lose the ability to push future edits live easily. I think this is a great idea, but it needs some fine tuning.
  • So no response, and no response to support email request regarding this!
  • So no response from Iubenda either here, or from my support request?
  • Be able to override the link held behind "the User may consult the Cookie Policy." in the generated, embedded Privacy Policy to point to a custom link. Otherwise, this defeats the purpose of paying a premium and being able to white label the policies. If a link ends up on it doesn't help at all.
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