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Add support for RevenueCat


Could you please add support for this service It's a super-handy service used for subscription and in-app purchase management on iOS and Android.


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  • +1. It is a great service and would be great to have!

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  • It is an awesome idea to add support for this service revenuecat. As this service is widely used for subscription and in application purchasing. 


    If you want to contact us please visit us on

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  • +1 RevenueCat is a great service and seems like it should be included in the list.


  • I use RevenueCat too. Thank you.

  • Djedjej
  • Yes please

  • Hello, 

    Thank you for your suggestion, we are currently looking into adding RevenueCat to our generator. 

    Kind regards, 



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  • We need support for Revenue Cat as well. 

  • +1

  • Dear all, 

    We are happy to inform you that RevenueCat has now been added to our generator. 

    Kind regards, 



  • Great, thank you!

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  • Ok pero lo ise mal
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