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modify iubenda policy on website interface


my site is developed using website. The cookie policy is managed by iubenda. i hve only a button that open the iubenda site where I've generated my policy.

the problem is that now I cannot fin any button, place or html to change the link with the one I've generated using iubenda..

Any idea?


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  • Is modification effect on website like here is my website so how i can save it from any effect

  • Yes, This is also happening to me with my website related to applications and games.

  • Is anyone knew how to fix this issue

  • If you're using iubenda for managing your cookie policy and you need to update the link to the policy on your website, you should be able to do this by locating the HTML code for the button on your site and modifying the link there. Here's a general guide on how you can do this:

    1. **Access Your Website's HTML/CMS:**

       - If your website is built using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, or others, log in to the admin panel and navigate to the section where you can edit your site's pages or templates.

       - If your site is hand-coded, locate the HTML file where the button is placed.

    2. **Find the Button Code:**

       - Look for the HTML code that corresponds to the button that opens the iubenda site. This might be within the page's source code or embedded in a specific file.

    3. **Locate the Link:**

       - In the button code, there should be an attribute like `href` that contains the URL of the iubenda site. It might look like `<a href="">Cookie Policy</a>`.

    4. **Update the Link:**

       - Replace the existing URL in the `href` attribute with the new link generated by iubenda for your cookie policy.


       <!-- Before -->

       <a href="">Cookie Policy</a>

       <!-- After (replace this with your actual iubenda link) -->

       <a href="">Cookie Policy</a>


    5. **Save Changes:**

       - Save the changes you made to the HTML file or the CMS, and then check your website to ensure that the button now directs users to the correct iubenda policy.

    Remember, the specific steps may vary based on your website's platform and how it was built. If you are unsure about the process or unable to find the button code, you might want to consult your website developer or support resources for the platform you're using. 

    For more information feel free to ask my website.









  • Try these steps:

    1. Access your website's HTML code.

    2. Locate the button or link directing to your cookie policy.

    3. Use browser developer tools to inspect the element if needed.

    4. Update the link URL with the one from iubenda.

    5. Save the changes.

    6. Test the updated link.


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