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modify iubenda policy on website interface


my site is developed using website. The cookie policy is managed by iubenda. i hve only a button that open the iubenda site where I've generated my policy.

the problem is that now I cannot fin any button, place or html to change the link with the one I've generated using iubenda..

Any idea?


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  • This is also happening to me with my website related to applications and games.

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  • maybe the support can help us.

  • thanks for sharing in comments

  • My website, which is related to a photo editing app, is also not showing buttons.

  • thanks

  • thanks

  • I have added iubenda cookie policy banner to implement GDPR on my WordPress website. However, the banner is visible on each page for all users even after closing the banner which means to save consent for the browser. 

    This does not work with clicking on cookie policy link and click on 'Continue to browser' button which says "By continuing to browse or by closing this window, you accept the use of cookies.".


  • thanks for sharing

  • facing same issue somebody can help?

  • Same issue on my website

  • Mine also doesn't show the button

  • I like this

  • thanks for sharing

  • I understand that you are also having problems with your website related to applications and games not ranking well in search results.
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