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Adding a service manually

If a service company, such as Zoom inc. for example, is not available, can one edit the policy and add it?. I can't find an answer for that. If it's not possible, is such a problem because one may not use the Iubenda service just because one company is missing. I would like to get feedback on this. Thanks!. 

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  • Hi there,

    If you are not seeing a service that you need in our list, you can search for it here to see if it has been mentioned and to upvote it.
    If the service has not been mentioned, you can submit the request yourself so that other iubenda users may upvote it and show their interest for the service. 

    As always though, you can add a custom service/clause if you need it to be on your policy by using the steps in this guide here:

    All the best,



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