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Add SalesManago


Is it possible to add sales Manago?

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  • We need Sales Manago too and till now we do not see this option available.

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  • Hello, 

    Thank you for your message. Can I just check if you are referring to : ? If so, we will look into adding to our generator.

    In the meantime, I would suggest adding a custom clause by taking the following steps: 

    - visit your dashboard (,

    - visit your privacy policy, 

    - "Add service" and "Create custom service".

    For more information, please see our help post:

    Any further developments will be noted in this thread.

    Kind regards, 



  • Yes, It is that Service I would like to add. 


  • Thank you for your swift reply Johan! In that case we will look into it and inform you of any progress. 

    Kind regards, 


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