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Purchased Licenses Problem


I've purchased a 5-License Slots business bundle for a year on September 30th. I managed to generate a one Privacy Policy + one Terms of Use and now I can no longer generate any new license as it says I've used all of the 5 slots. I've been emailing support since then but with no reply at all.

Please advice

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  • Hello, 

    I have the same problem. On October 9th I purchased a Multi-License Plan with 5 slots. I generated the Privacy+Cookie Policy and the Terms of Use, and the slots are already over. I emailed the support and I've been told they were considering my problem, but no news so far. I would also know how many slots I need if I want these three documents in English too.

    Please, reply.

  • Same problem here

    Please Reply

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your requests.

    Let me explain in detail how our pricing system works:

    Through our platform you can purchase single licenses (also known as Pay-per-license plan with 1 year duration) or a multi-license plans (yearly or monthly).

    You can’t have both plans on your account so you’ll have to choose between a Pay-per-license and a Multi-License plan. Though, you’ll be able to switch between the two at anytime.

    On the Pay-per-License plan you can choose between:

    • Pro License: you can generate one Privacy Policy and one Cookie Policy in one language for one website or app; 
    • Ultra License: you can generate one Privacy Policy, one Cookie Policy and one Terms and Conditions in one language for one website or app; 

    Multi-license plans are made of license slots (minimum 5 up to 1000 slots) with monthly or yearly payment options. Using the slots that come with the plan you can generate both Pro and Ultra licenses. This is how the conversion works:

    • 1 Pro License = 1 Slot of your multi-license plan; 
    • 1 Ultra License = 5 Slots of your multi-license plan; 

    The information about the licenses conversion is available on our pricing FAQs page here:  

    Here is a screenshot for more clarifications:

    It is also possible to increase/decrease the number of slots available on your multi-license plan. In this case when you change our system automatically detects the amount paid on the previous plan - but not used yet- and applies it to the new one. As a result you will start using the new plan right away and will start paying the new price only when the amount previously paid will be used completely.

    Our guide about switching between plans is available here:

    Hope this helps

    Kind Regards,



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