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Cookie banner not displaying in Wordpress (using iubenda's plugin for it)


We've used iubenda to configure our privacy policy and that is working fine (it is embedded on our site), but I cannot get the cookie banner to work at all. I've already:

  1. configured everything for the cookie banner on the iubenda side,
  2. installed the iubenda wordpress plugin
  3. copied the cookie banner code from our iubenda account and pasted it into the wordpress plugin box for it
We're running Wordpress 5.51, PHP 7.4.10, and all plugins are up-to-date.
I have tried resetting things, repasting the code — absolutely nothing works.
This is not a cache issue — I have deleted cookies and cache multiple times.

I would greatly, greatly appreciate it if someone could help with this!

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  •  I am having the exact same issue. I am using the plugin on a fresh install of 5.51 and newly updated PHP 7.4.10. To allow the plugin to save the code snippet, I had to disable mod_security in my hosting admin panel. I saved the code in the plugin and the pop-up seemed to work. I enabled mod_security again as well as changing some aesthetics of the pop-up on the iubenda dashboard and now it does not work. I'm thinking there is conflict with the mod_security module, but I don't think disabling it is the right answer. Thanks in advance for a solution.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We checked the code inside your website and we noticed you activated the automatic country detection feature of the Cookie Solution; that feature prevents the banner from being displayed outside the European Union. As such, if you then visit your site from a place outside the EU, you won’t see the banner. In order to change this behaviour, you should edit the parameter “countryDetection”:true inside your cookie solution script and put it to false. In that way the banner will be always displayed.

    Hope this helps,

    Kind Regards



  • I can't get the Cookie Banner to work either. I have generated Privacy and Cookie policies for my WordPress site and these work fine. I've got your Cookie Solution plug-in for the banner and have pasted the code in but when I try to save it I get a '403 Forbidden' error. Please can you help. I'm not clear which options I'm supposed to select so maybe this is the problem?

  • I got the same problem on my wordpress website carpet cleaner picks. You just need to go to cpanel and disable mod security feature. It will start working fine for you. 

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  • Many thanks. I got my host to sort it this time but will know that for next time!