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SuiteDash CRM

Would love to see SuiteDash CRM added under user database management.

Thanks :)

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  • Second that!

  • Hello, 

    Thank you for your messages and upvotes. Would it be possible to confirm that you are referring to : ? If so, which we will happily look into adding the SuiteDash services to our generator.

    In the meantime, you always have the possibility to add a custom clause by taking the following steps: 

    - visit your dashboard (,

    - visit your privacy policy, 

    - "Add service" and "Create custom service".

    I will note any further developments in this thread.

    Kind regards, 



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  • That's correct Beatrice
  • Perfect! Thank you Derek. 

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  • I'd like to see SuiteDash added, too. Thanks!

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  • Here is another upvoter for the SuiteDash CRM suite from

  • I'd like to have Suitedash added as well.

  • That was superb

  • Hello,

    Any update for ?          

  • Hello team,                                                                                   

    As a user of Suitedash, what I like best about it is its user-friendly interface, powerful project management capabilities, and robust client collaboration tools, which have helped me to streamline my business processes and improve my overall efficiency while enhancing my communication with clients. 

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