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New Lanugage Request: Japanese

I would like to see support for the Japanese language.


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  • Hello Toru and thank you for your addition!

    I would like to inform you that we prioritize new languages additions based on the number of upvotes. Therefore, the best way to make it happen sooner is to upvote this request and make other interested users do the same, so we can move the request to our roadmap. In the mean time, we allow using custom translations. You can drop us a line at if you need more information.

    Kind Regards,



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  • Hi Jacopo,

    Thanks for your comment. I understand it.

    How do we provide custom translations? Do you mean that we can translate the generated English Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and offer them on our website?


  • Up. I would like to see support for the Japanese language too.

  • Up! I'm interested in cookie & privacy policy in Japanese.

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