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Multilanguage management

Currently if I want to have a policy in multiple languages this generates a new policy altogether, with a different ID. This means that if I have a multilanguage site I have to manually handle the language change, mapping each locale to its own policy. I can't just use a single snippet and simply pass the language.

This is cumbersome and prone to errors.

The policy in fact is the same, it's only translated. If I have multiple sites with different policies, each with multiple languages it can get really confusing if I can't reference all translations of a given policy with a single ID.

Or, at least, I would want an integration snippet that allows to handle all translations of a given policy by simply passing on the locale.

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  •  I agree, I have the same problem... do I have to re-generate the same policy from scratch for each of the 5 languages for which I purchased the privacy and cookie policy? This is not a convenient solution

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