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Team members (multiple users)

Hability to invite team members to the same account. Sometimes there's a more technical person which needs to configure the cookie solution and someone from legal to validate policies, etc.

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  • Hello Raphael,

    Thank you for your request.

    I'm glad to inform you that our team is already working on the addition of a team-collaboration feature to our platform and we expect to release it during the following months.

    You can follow this thread to remain up to date with the last developments.




  • I don't see how you could perform in a modern collaborative environment without this feature. Are we to share our login credentials with third-party contractors when installation is outside of the technical scope of your customers? Sounds like a potential GDPR risk to me.¬†

  • Hello,

    We are glad to inform you that we launched a beta version of the multi-account feature that can be activate on user's account upon request (to be sent at




  • i'm feeling proud to be a member of Iubenda. Thanks to your hospitality.

  • Come posso trasferire la licenza ad un altro account?

  • If you're a team owner, you can add someone to a team. If you're not a team owner, you can submit a request and the team owner can then accept or deny it.

  • Riporto qui la richiesta dato che l'altro ticket √® stato chiuso unendolo a questo, si tratta di un'implementazione a questa funzionalit√†:

    Avrei bisogno di dare l'accesso ad un cliente al suo/suoi progetti, non come avviene ora che lo da a tutti i progetti e anche all'account proprio, in modo che possa solo visualizzare i dati del suo sito ed eventualmente far gestire al suo webmaster eventuali modifiche ai cookie.

    Quindi una multi-utenza limitata a determinati progetti.

  • Hy every one its jhon I am working in a team as owner we are working as a team  there any way that I will check online availability of my team members on top off my meeting page.

  • Is this feature available now?. I didn't see anything or documents on how to invite members.

  • How can I add this feature to my paid account? My company has many small websites that are maintained by different project groups - I need options to give access without sharing my login!

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